Uenuku Ki Te Rangi

The Comforter of All People

Hospice Waikato
Hospice Waikato’s Rainbow Place is New Zealand’s only specialist children’s and young person’s hospice service.

Make a Donation

If you’re thinking about making a gift or donation of any kind, or if you’re interested in becoming a volunteer with Rainbow Place please get in touch.

Rainbow Place . . . Our People, Our Purpose.

At Rainbow Place we’re driven by purpose... our purpose is people, and our people make it happen.

Our People

Rainbow Place is fully supported by a core team of nine staff and a number of regular volunteers.  Our people are trained, experienced health professionals, therapists and nurses.  They’re passionate about their work and really know their stuff.

Our Vision

At Rainbow Place our vision is to provide sensitive and caring, specialist palliative care and support, working closely with the Waikato District Health Board, Starship Children’s Health, community agencies and GPs, to provide this service.


Our Purpose

Our purpose at Rainbow Place is to celebrate life in all its colour.  We do this by helping children and young people facing tough times live life the best they can and to have fun whenever and wherever possible.

How do we achieve this?  At Rainbow Place we provide specialist care and support for children and young people affected by serious illness or bereavement.  There are also times where we’re called on to provide palliative care for children and young people who themselves have a serious illness. We are fully set up to do this and work in partnership with other professional organisations in our community including the Waikato District Health Board.

We celebrate the individuality of all those referred to our service, with the understanding that nobody can do everything, that everybody can do something, and that together we can make things a whole lot better.

Our Place . . . Your Place
Rainbow Place is a stand-alone provider of specialist nursing care, therapeutic support and counselling for children and young people living through change, loss and grief around serious illness and bereavement.  We’re based in Hamilton, but provide support throughout the Waikato, King Country and Thames / Coromandel regions.  An advisory service is available outside these areas.  Rainbow Place is governed by Waikato Community Hospice Trust.

Generously Supported by Hospice
Rainbow Place is generously supported by Hospice Waikato, and a large number of individuals, agencies and organisations.  Our relationship with Hospice is a close one. Although we provide a distinct type of care, this complements the adult service provided by Hospice .  At the end of the day we are all about supporting families who are living through 'tough stuff'.  It’s great to be right next-door!  

Humble Origins
Rainbow Place comes from small beginnings.  The small cottage type premises in Von Tempsky St., Hamilton East in 2003 mainly provided support for the children and grandchildren of Hospice patients alongside a small caseload of sick children.  Since then we’ve grown to a staff of eight, working from a much larger, purpose-built facility  alongside Hospice Waikato on Cobham Drive.  

These Days...
These days we are busy both on and off-site and our facilities allow us to do so much more.  Much of our work happens out in the community.  So if the car-park is empty and the place seems a little quiet, it means we’re out and about working with children and young people in schools, homes, hospitals and other community settings.