Uenuku Ki Te Rangi

The Comforter of All People

Hospice Waikato
Hospice Waikatoís Rainbow Place is New Zealandís only specialist childrenís and young personís hospice service.

Make a Donation

If youíre thinking about making a gift or donation of any kind, or if youíre interested in becoming a volunteer with Rainbow Place please get in touch.

Children . . . The Heart of the Rainbow

Itís hard not to smile when you see a Rainbow, but it is hard, not to shed a tear around kids going through tough stuff.

Our team are experienced, well-qualified professionals.  We help children and their parents / carers find strength and the resources to move forward and get the most out of life when faced with the Ďtough stuffí around change, loss and grief.  We provide a range of specialised nursing care and therapeutic support for children who are seriously ill or who are affected by the serious illness or death of a loved one no matter what the cause.

We canít and donít promise that things will always be easy or wonderful and 'we donít do trips to Disneyland'.  But we can and do guide and support people through the difficult parts and do our best to soften the bumps in the road.

Get In Touch  (Services are provided at no charge to families)

If you have a child or children going through change, loss or grief, or who are affected by serious illness, please get in touch with us to see how we can work together to help.  Likewise, if you have a child and their family in your professional care and you think we can help, please get in touch via phone, email, or our online referral form.