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The Comforter of All People

Hospice Waikato
Hospice Waikatoís Rainbow Place is New Zealandís only specialist childrenís and young personís hospice service.

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If youíre thinking about making a gift or donation of any kind, or if youíre interested in becoming a volunteer with Rainbow Place please get in touch.

Brothers and sisters . . . they can still annoy you!

Itís common for siblings to feel forgotten and helpless when a brother or sister becomes seriously ill, or sadly dies.  Itís lonely, scary and frustrating.  In all the 'busy-ness' it can seem that there is no-one to talk to or that no-one really understands. It can feel like others expect the sibling relationship to change.  It can feel like being on the outside looking in.  

Yep, Itís Normal to Feel Like That.

For brothers and sisters it can be common to feel left out and even at times a little bit resentful.  Thatís ok.  It doesnít make you bad, it just makes you normal.  Our Teenage Group and our Sibling Support Groups are good places to talk through some of that stuff and find some creative ways of adjusting.  After all they are your brother or sister . . . you should still be allowed to annoy them, and they can still irritate you at times!

Being On The Edge . . . you are still important.

Brothers and sisters are important in supporting children and young people who are sick.  Rainbow Place provides specialised therapeutic support for children and young people whose siblings are seriously ill or who have died.  We have conversations about what itís like having a brother or sister going through this thing, why all the attention seems to shift and how to make sense of some of this stuff.

Get in Touch.

Take a look at what we offer for teens and make sure to get in touch with us.  Also, check out Skylightís sibling support information.  Itís very helpful stuff!