Uenuku Ki Te Rangi

The Comforter of All People

Hospice Waikato
Hospice Waikato’s Rainbow Place is New Zealand’s only specialist children’s and young person’s hospice service.

Make a Donation

If you’re thinking about making a gift or donation of any kind, or if you’re interested in becoming a volunteer with Rainbow Place please get in touch.

"It’s Like Counselling . . . Without the Counselling"

For anybody facing ‘tough stuff’, life can feel out of place, disjointed, scattered and scary.  But feeling better about life and adjusting to big changes isn’t just about counselling and deep conversations.  Those things are important but it’s also about getting on and living life.  Nobody does that better than teenagers who feel well supported.

For teenagers who receive our support, Rainbow Place is: 


  • a place to meet other teens going through similar stuff
  • an awesome group of people to share experiences with
  • a place for adjusting to change and for getting used to new things
  • a friendly social group
  • a place to relax and 'chill'
  • a place to get away from the drama
  • somewhere to meet genuine, caring people who are really good at helping others
  • somewhere understanding, safe and confidential
  • somewhere to leave all the noise and chaos behind
  • a place to just 'be', where nobody forces you to talk about your 'feelings'.
  • like having counselling without even knowing it
  • one-on-one support
  • peer support in a social group
  • teen therapeutic groups
  • no pressure
  • supportive
  • your place

Every month on a Thursday evening...

The Teen Group has an informal get- together, and every school holidays our teens have a movie night and sleepover.  It’s a great way to get some normality into life, watch some movies, play games, eat, drink, talk and just have fun with good people.

You can be referred by someone else or you can refer yourself.  So if you’re dealing with the death of a loved one, or have a close family member who is seriously ill, use our referral form to let us know, or email us at rainbowplace@hospicewaikato.org.nz   We’d love to hear from you.